Hellenic University Club of Philadelphia Scholarship Program

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In all of the Club’s activities since its beginning, there is much that would please the founding members and much to satisfy the present membership of more than 300. However, no activity surpasses in significance the Hellenic University Club Scholarship Program. Through it, the concept of paideia is affirmed, and by it, the Hellenic University Club of Philadelphia measures its stature. 

From its inception, the Club set a goal of establishing a scholarship to assist worthy Greek-American students with financial need. In 1939, the first annual scholarship was awarded. This was later named in honor of the late Dr. Michael Dorizas of the University of Pennsylvania, a widely respected educator and Olympic athlete. Until 1959, direct donations were made to educational institutions or direct scholarship grants were made to students. 

In 1959, the Club changed the grant program to an interest-free loan program, which continued until 1969. In 1971, however, the award again became an outright grant, and the sum of $1,000 was awarded annually to a deserving individual with outstanding academic qualifications and financial need, selected by the Club’s elected Scholarship Committee. 

In 1986, the first Dr. Nicholas Padis Memorial Graduate Scholarship was awarded in honor of the Club’s first president and founding member. This scholarship is offered annually for academic excellence. 

Through generous donors’ named scholarships and major fundraising efforts, our Scholarship Fund has grown, and the number and amount of scholarships we offer continues to be strong.  In 2017, we presented 15 graduate and undergraduate students with scholarships totaling $44,500.  To date, we have awarded $710,000 in scholarship grants to 327 undergraduate and graduate students.  In 2018, we are pleased to offer 17 undergraduate and graduate scholarships totaling $48,500.