2016-2017 Committees & Chairpersons

Archives – Patricia Geaneotes

Artoklasia – Panagiotis A. Chrisanthopoulos

Audit – Steve N. Fooskas

Awards – Billie P. Rorres

Constitution and Bylaws – Evangelia M. Conroy, Esq

Directory – Virginia Botsis

Gala – 80th Anniversary – Charles P. Sandilos, Esq.

Gala Journal – Virginia Botsis & J. Craig Nannos

Historian – Peter Douvres

Hospitality – J. Craig Nannos

Membership (New) – Meropi Keares & John Vasiliou

Membership (Renewals) – Zoe A. Tripolitis

Nominations – George N. Pappas

Opening Reception – Katerina Dimitriadis & Charles P. Sandilos, Esq.

Program – Billie P. Rorres

Scholarship Awards – Panagiotis A. Chrisanthopoulos

Scholarship Establishment – Evangelia M. Conroy, Esq

Scholarship Fundraising Initiative Steering Committee – Stamatoula Bastas & Anna S. Hadgis

Scholarship Fund Investment – Virginia Botsis 

Social/Networking Events – John Vasiliou & Meropi Keares

Website/Social Media – Konstantine N. Ouranitsas


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