The Mission of the Club is both educational and social. We bring together Greek-Americans and others who wish to learn more about subjects and ideas rooted in Hellas/Greece and to celebrate 4,000 years of Greek culture. We strive to keep Greek culture thriving in the Greater Philadelphia region and to carry forward into the future our rich and ancient heritage.

We pursue this Mission by:

  • organizing programs and activities (lectures, symposia, excursions) for our members and others who share our Mission;
  • fostering professional interaction among our members and promoting social fraternity (αδελφότης) within the Greater Philadelphia community;
  • providing scholarships for full-time college and university students primarily of Greek descent who are pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees and other students regardless of heritage, who are pursuing a degree in Greek Studies;
  • recognizing and honoring individuals of high achievement as they relate to ancient and modern Hellenic ideals, and
  • promoting awareness of our Mission, primarily within the Greater Philadelphia region.